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Practice Information


Regular Appointments: Most appointments are dedicated to addressing a medical concern. If several issues arise, we will do our best to manage all concerns at that visit, but we may need to offer you a timely follow-up appointment to safely address all issues.

It takes time to adequately assess your symptoms, examine you if necessary, review treatment options, arrange for tests, and plan for follow-up. No medical problem, no matter how minor, can be properly assessed without the proper amount of time. Please inform our receptionist of all your medical concerns, so that proper time for the appointment can be scheduled.

Diabetic Visits: For all of our patients with Diabetes, it is of the utmost importance that you get your blood-work drawn a few days prior to seeing us. That allows us to have the results from the lab to properly assess your diabetes and make the most of the visit.

Physical Exams: The goal of yearly physical exams are meant to identify any new problems and give you the best evidence-based information that will keep you healthy at different stages in your life.

Missed Visits: 24-hours notice is required for the cancellation of an appointment.


You will be called if your test results are NOT normal or need further action. Do not hesitate to call the office for an appointment if you want to discuss the results or get a copy of the results.


  • Prescription renewals will be offered at every visit to the office.
  • We ask each of our patients to take responsibility to know how much medication they have left. If you are running out, please contact your pharmacy first and have them send a renewal request if needed.


  • These types of renewals are discouraged for safety reasons
  • If you do require a renewal over the phone, or need to have a prescription sent to a pharmacy without an appointment, please allow 7 days for the prescription to be faxed. Narcotic prescriptions will NOT be filled without an appointment.


If the clinic is not open after work hours, enrolled patients can receive medical advice after hours and speak to a nurse anytime by calling 1-866-553-7205 (TTY:1-866-250-3379) weekdays from 5pm to 9am, weekdays and 24 hours a day on recognized holidays.


  • PLEASE BRING YOUR HEALTH CARD TO ALL VISITS. We need to swipe your health card at every visit to update information regularly. Our system also shows your Healthcare Provider that you have arrived once we have swiped your card.
  • Please have your health card ready if you are making calls to the office, as they may require this information.


The government (i.e. OHIP) covers the majority of your medical care and tests.
It does NOT cover:

  • Insurance forms
  • Sick notes
  • Massage therapy/Orthotics/Physiotherapy notes
  • Examinations for Work, Camp or School
  • Cosmetic Procedures

These documents take time to complete and must be done properly as they are medico-legal records. Fees are charged for this work. Rates are based on the recommendations by the Ontario Medical Association.

We look forward to meeting your Health Care needs!