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Living Well, Self-Management Programs

Learn new skills and strategies to help you manage Chronic Disease, Diabetes, and/or Chronic Pain, to prevent complications, and live healthier. Gain the confidence and motivation to better manage your symptoms and challenges of living with Chronic illness. Developing self-management skills will empower you to actively achieve your best health and wellness.The workshops are open to anyone living with illness, as well as their caregivers and family members. Visit “For the Patient” for more information about the next session starting this Spring!

Heart Healthy Class

Provided by our dietitian, this program is intended for those patients and family members with high cholesterol. Patients are generally referred to the group by their healthcare provider. You may self-refer as well. Patients are able to go over their own blood work results and learn what their goals should be. With education on diet and lifestyle choices, this session is able to give the patients a beginning base for better eating habits to decrease their risk for heart disease

If you are interested in the next session please call 613-332-5692.

Healthy You Weight Management Program

Healthy You is a lifestyle/non-diet approach to help you reach and maintain a healthy weight. Come enjoy this group class setting for sharing experiences and support. Facilitated by our Registered Dietitian, each class is 1.5 hours for a total of 7 classes. Contact us for more details on program start dates.

Topics Include:
Nutrition Basics: Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, & Fluid
Active Living and Exercise Strategies
Understanding Your Eating Patterns
Emotional Eating
Meal Planning

North Hastings Diabetes Education Program

The North Hastings Family Health Team is pleased to be able to provide the Diabetes Education Program for all residents of North Hastings. Patients are accepted by both self-referrals, and referrals by Healthcare Providers.

Living Well, Self-Management Classes:
Through this self-management course you will learn new skills and strategies to help you manage your diabetes daily, prevent complications, and live healthier.
Contact 613-332-5692 to register as space is limited.

A large part of diabetes management involves education. The goal is to teach patients how to self-manage their diabetes. One-on-one appointments with Certified Diabetes Educators are available to assist patients with all aspects of diabetes. Follow up reports are sent to Primary Healthcare Providers.

Holter and Blood Pressure Monitoring

By appointment and referrals only, this service is provided to all patients of North Hastings in conjunction with Dr. Blood Pressure MonitorHughes, Kawartha Cardiology Centre.

Provided on a daily and urgent basis, referrals are made by the family physician and booked with our receptionists. There is no charge for the holter (heart) monitor, but $50 is required for use of the blood pressure monitor, paid to Kawartha Cardiology.

Smoking Cessation

atients of North Hastings Family Health Team:
Are you ready to quit?

crushed cigaretteThe Smoking Cessation course designed to encourage and motivate the person who is ready to stop smoking. In coordination with the Public Health Unit, the North Hastings FHT will provide care to meet the needs of those ready to get back their life. One-on-one counseling is also available.

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